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conversion tool


Conversion SOP:

Conversion:  2 methods


Known Limitations

Windows Disk Type – XenConvert can only convert volumes from primary partitions
on a disk

configured as a Windows Basic Disk – not a Windows Dynamic Disk.

Firmware Type – XenConvert can only convert from a host machine with BIOS firmware
– not

Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI).

Disk Partition Type – XenConvert can only convert a Windows System Volume from
a disk with

MBR style partitions – not GPT style

(2)Citrix XenServer Conversion Manager

Citrix XenServer Conversion Manager 1.0 Guide: Converting  from VMware to XenServer

How to Convert VMware Virtual Machines to XenServer 6.0 and later

Installation SOP

1.Citrix XenServer Quick Installation and Licensing Guide

Install from USB

USB key  not work in my Mac