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Booknote of The Inner Game of Tennis


The discoveries of the two selves

Everyone has Two Selves

Self 1 : the teller

Self 2 : the doer

The inner game of tennis involves several skills:

  1. Learning to see what’s happening “nonjudgmentally”– that is to notice what’s  happening rather than merely seeing how well or badly it is happening.
  2. Learning how to trust Self 2 to perform at its best.
  3. Learning how to get the clearest picture of your desired outcome.

Quieting the Self 1:

The judgement produces verbal thinking that results in tightness, tightness interferes with the fluidity needed for quick movement and reaction.

Trust your Self 2:

If we let ourselves lose in touch with our ability to feel our action, by relying too heavily on instructions, we could seriously compromise our access to our natural learning processes and our potential to perform. Instead if we hit the ball relying on the instincts of Self 2, we reinforce the simplest natural way to the optimal shot.

Real Application:

In a dancing class many years ago, I could not step my feet correctly with the rhythm. My teacher told me not to think by your brain, just dance by your body. Then I sudden catch the right rhythm.