What I’ve learned from the book “The Most Important Thing” by Howard Marks

The author, Howard Marks, is known in the investment community for his “Oaktree memos” to clients which detail investment strategies and insight into the economy.

Quotes From The Most Important Thing:

  • What distinguish successful investors from normal ones is how they behave in circumstances to which their style is not mostly well-matched.
  • Avert mistakes that are usually led by other investors’ lack of caution, laborious effort, and the stock’s swift pendulum move.
  • Top investors sometimes misjudge things; however, they do right most of the time.
  • People often think they could predict the future, assuming the world can be modeled by merely using sequential steps. Fewer people know what lies ahead, but we could know where we are by observing the people around us. Therefore, devoting your time to learn things others don’t.
  • When speaking to risk management, we avoid doing the wrong things rather than doing the right things.
  • The well-known quote “Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket” does not imply that holding different elements are better. Diversification works only if they react differently to a given circumstance.
  • It takes time to prove your decision are right.
  • Resisting excessive profits is an imperative attribute for a lot of successful investors.
  • Critical thinking must overcome emotional feelings.
  • Something about contrarianism: Contrarianism can help prevent risks, but it doesn’t make a profit all of the time. Standing against the crowds is not enough. You must  figure out why the crowd is mistaken based on reasons and make a profit from the mistakes the crowd is making.
  • It can be dangerous to use leverage to buy more assets that provide low returns and narrow risk spreads.

Deep Living(book review of Digital Minimalism)

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World

Will spend more time on social media make us live a meaningful life?
If not, we should better off considering to use it seriously.

The best-selling author of “Deep Work” proposes a philosophy of digital minimalism. Simplicity gives us the ability to think clearly in a focused way and select activities we value most in a noisy world. This kind of living style is not a whole new concept which has existed for a long time.

There’re three core principles behind the idea of digital minimalism.

  1. More could be less.
  2. Effectiveness is imperative.
  3. To live deliberately.

In the 19th century, Henry Thoreau made an experiment of making a living by cultivating the farms. The research showed he could live what he wished with fewer desires even the earnings were below the average. However, Henry Thoreau observed that his neighbor farmers gained little profit that could not help them escape their poor condition.

The same situation occurs today. While we think we could acquire more values from using lovely mobile application, we waste more time and attention compared to the amount we receive. Could we select tools intentionally and optimize our digital life, you will reach more meaning life. This book contains much practical advice everyone could implement.









by 新世象增長團隊

在流行製造程序化方面,無論是案例收集、用戶接觸、技術工具、創意執行等在內部團隊已有SOP標準, 當大眾有種共同情緒即將湧起時,付聖強提出了要又快又穩的把事情完成觀點, 如果不能穩就先選擇快,再過渡到穩,然後透過資源極大化應用以及數據迭代優化才有機會打造出爆款,而公司品牌知名度、社群受眾規模、發佈時機點都會影響著成效,以新世相為例,為了提高活動變成爆款機會(每10款只成功1、2款),然後不斷在空間規模、數字、品牌背書等地方加碼,必要時加班到清晨3點。


  1. 有些人認為刻意迎合演算法來提升數據成效不算真心在經營社群,容易把社群本質遺忘掉,現在我反而認為跟隨著演算法是必走之路,因為沒了背後觸及流量,什麼社群經營都是在空談。
  2. FB貼文跟上時事有梗不表示能輕易在社群創造出流行話題,以新世相為例還需動員這麼多資源,如果在公司是身兼數職1人小編,對你而言更難帶出話題,天天用創意手法跟風或許不適合你,活動議題要適當、必要時用廣告投放增加成效才能有更好的成效。











「私密封閉形式平台 」和UGC(使用者創作內容)經營形式


  1. 私密封閉形式平台


Instagram也有個小功能:摯友(close friends)可善加利用


2. UGC經營形式