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行銷 4.0



MARKETING 4.0 book review

Marketing 4.0: Moving From Traditional to Digital by Philip Kotler

MARKETING 4.0 discusses new marketing concepts shaped by the digital journey.

Philip Kotler is a well-known author of marketing. In the prologue, he talks about why brings marketing 3.0 into 4.0. The book organization is clear and solid. It consists of three parts. Part 1, he talks about the new feature of digital marketing. Then, the core framework of this book in part 2 is mainly about the new customer path and industry archetype. Finally, part 3 is the application of marketing 4.0.Every chapter contains Reflection Questions in the end. The readers could answer these questions to stimulate your thoughts before reading each topic.

Although this book introduces some digital marketing concepts, Philip Kotler doesn’t suggest us forsake the traditional ones. Instead, we should integrate both of digital and traditional concepts.He also reminds us digital marketing is not just data metrics. We should learn from anthropology to observe the behavior of digital users. Standing in your target audience’ shoes is what you differentiate from your competitor.