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歡迎光臨人類學書評 Review of “An invitation to anthropology”

IDEO創辦人Tom Kelley寫的「 決定未來的10種人」中談到了人類學讓我對該學問產生興趣,於是我挑選人類學系所入門書「歡迎光臨人類學」當做我進入該專業領域的橋樑。



讀完本身發現人類學實際應用在生活中無所不在,舉第三章民族誌為例,人類學家在做觀察會經歷幾個重要階段(進入 — 》文化衝擊 — 》建立和諧密切關係 — 》文化理解),我曾參加過某教會團契活動,教會裡面弟兄姐妹會熱烈親切地歡迎外來新朋友,xxx是帶我的小組長(進入),


Review of “An invitation to anthropology”

I generated some interests after reading “The ten faces of innovation” by the founder of IDEO, Tom Kelley, who talks about anthropologist. I chose an introduction book used in college called “An invitation to anthropology”.

This book contains 7 chapters. The first chapter introduces the history of anthropology and second chapter talks about the division of anthropology. The third chapter discusses the often-used fieldwork method called ethnography. The main purpose of first three chapters occupying almost half of this book is discussing the main structure of anthropology. The last three chapters (gender, marriage/family, and religion)are issues which anthropologists have interests in. Chapter 4 is talking about human history as a bridge to the last three chapters.

The author blended many stories with academic articles so that even non-professional reader could understand these terminologies with ease. Every chapter outlines article sources so that It’s convenient to find and search them if you want to learn more.

The application of anthropology exists everywhere. Using chapter 3, ethnography, as an example. Every anthropologist should experience several key steps(entrée → cultural shock → establishing rapport → cultural understanding) when doing field work. I’d once participated a cell group in a church. The brothers or sisters always give all new visitor a warm welcome. XXX is my group leader(entrée). One day I joined an outside activity held by this church. They taught us pronouncing strange voice, called tongue. Then, they healed and released us by speaking in tongue and pressing their hands on us. Some persons started crying, trembling and vomiting (cultural shock). They behaved nothing different when compared to non-Christian except for these special rituals. I made friends with them(establish a rapport). Afterward, I’d gradually understood charismatic experience gives them the energy to go ahead. They’ll use this kind of power to preach the gospel(cultural understanding).