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The importance of Fundamental knowledge

Recently, I finished a match puzzle designed by my friend, a relationship consultant. There are 3 male photos on the left side. And their corresponding self-introductions are on the right side.  The participants should link one of these photos to one of the text form introductions. My answer to the connect the dots puzzle was right. The correct rate among 11 participants is 27%.

That doesn’t mean I have a sharp eye for people. It’s the fundamental design principle that helps me make the right decision. For example, the third man in the photo dresses a simple tone, blue and white t-shirt with a pair of white glass. The element of his cloth and glasses only contains line shape with even-spaced wide. The angle of the shape is 90 degrees. This style reveals that the man is a logic-minded person.

Everyone knows fundamental knowledge is more important than applied knowledge. However, only several persons would like to practice it.