Deep Living(book review of Digital Minimalism)

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World

Will spend more time on social media make us live a meaningful life?
If not, we should better off considering to use it seriously.

The best-selling author of “Deep Work” proposes a philosophy of digital minimalism. Simplicity gives us the ability to think clearly in a focused way and select activities we value most in a noisy world. This kind of living style is not a whole new concept which has existed for a long time.

There’re three core principles behind the idea of digital minimalism.

  1. More could be less.
  2. Effectiveness is imperative.
  3. To live deliberately.

In the 19th century, Henry Thoreau made an experiment of making a living by cultivating the farms. The research showed he could live what he wished with fewer desires even the earnings were below the average. However, Henry Thoreau observed that his neighbor farmers gained little profit that could not help them escape their poor condition.

The same situation occurs today. While we think we could acquire more values from using lovely mobile application, we waste more time and attention compared to the amount we receive. Could we select tools intentionally and optimize our digital life, you will reach more meaning life. This book contains much practical advice everyone could implement.

3 tips your business could implement to become more competitive

We could review our organization’s performance by using analytical data. If we see the performance report, but don’t take any further action. Nothing will change.

Competing on Analytics: Updated, with a New Introduction: The New Science of Winning

The book author of “Competing On Analytics”, Tom Davenport, suggests readers apply data carefully and gain an advantage through it.

  1. Outperform your competitors:Even in industries where analytical data is prevalent, some cooperations are better at using data and making a smarter decision than others.
  2. Be special: Adjust your marketing position and business models that are hard to be replaced by your competitors. For example, Apple inc., the maker of iPhone, changed its target metrics from the unit sales to installed base of devices. Apple is redefining their marketing position from a hardware company to a service company.
  3. Renewable: In a fast-paced world, no cooperation could remain top. Nokia, once the mobile phone giant, lost its appeal while it overlooked Google and Apple. So every decision-maker in an organization should keep reinventing and renew their business goal for their company.

Seeking solace in Birthright(book review of Birthright: 5 Secrets to Reclaim the Power of You)


The author, Marga Macias , uses her past personal failures as a bless in disguise to encourage the readers to fight against the apathy. She suggests us FIVE SECRETS that could harness the greatness we were born with.

  • Engage with fearless honestly
  • Own your worth
  • Create the off-beaten path
  • Sink or swim tenacity
  • Invest in a mentor

One of the secrets that moves me is to create the off-beaten path. Marga uses a quote from the book “Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey” to describe the courage and perseverance that everyone needs toward the destination. “One’s unique road to success is often revealed by the lessons learned from failed attempts to navigate without a path.”

The style of this book is simple and elegant. The depiction of misfortune is perceptible but doesn’t deeply overpower my sensibilities. At a first glimpse of the book title, the five secrets sound like a little exaggerated, but in reality the secrets apply to me and don’t overshadow the fundamental principle. Should you feel you have no purpose or meaning in life, you could read this book.