本書的日文書名叫做「シンプルで合理的な人生設計」,使用Google翻譯成中文為「簡單理性的人生規劃」, 無論是用Google翻譯還是用出版社訂的書名 「最高CP值的人生設計課」 ,意思沒有偏離太多,就是希望訂出計劃讓人生旅程中能夠用最少的心思體力得到最多回報,作者橘玲在日本是位暢銷作家,主要暢談政經社會議題為主,她在台灣的翻譯書我讀過2本分別是「上級國民/下級國民」、「殘酷世界的生存法則」,議題主要在探討單獨個體如何在全球化的競爭世界下生存,3本書的觀點不盡相同,本書(最高CP值的人生設計課)給讀者的建議最為多元全面








Use things. Love people. Worship the divine.

資本是努力辛苦得來的,拿來消費享受犒賞沒太大問題,但不要過度用獲取多少金錢、權力、容貌來定義自己, 那是追逐物質世界的成功,把自己當造物者看待,若沒有做好準備,年輕時爬得越高,在不知不覺經歷過人生高峰後,搞不好讓你跌得越重,提早為人生第2階段做好準備。適度展現出你的弱點,而不是隱藏它,當用你的缺點去跟別人做連結,你會發現愛在你的人生中開始成長了。




Book review of “Practice Perfect: 42 Rules for Getting Better at Getting Better”

Book introduction:

“Practice Perfect,” as the title hinted, is a how-to method book. I really enjoyed it and highlighted many notes. However, it couldn’t be half-long. The book chapters are not well-organized. Lemov, the author, breaks the core concepts(rethinking of practice, how to practice, using modeling, feedback, culture of practice and post-practice) into smaller and repetitious portions so that I could not connect every chapter in a straight way.

Below were some of the rules I felt applicable in this book:

Rethink practice and isolate your skills:

Practicing in a hustle and bustle environment sometimes distracts me from recognizing I’m learning in the wrong way. So I participate in the learning workshops or study groups for getting feedback from the other members. I could re-examine what skills to be sharpened through rethinking. Then I break the difficult paths for isolated skill development.

Bright spot:

Focus on your strength. Improving your weakness is a waste of time.

In the past, I tried to learn different domain knowledge and skills for the sake of proving myself. However, these skills didn’t turn out to be a competitive work advantage. As a knowledge worker, you must make effective contributions to your cooperation.

However, honing my weakness only makes me a mediocre worker. Why do I spend more energy    on my strength?

Shorten the feedback loop:

Implementing a small and easy change right away can be more effective than a complex rewiring a skill. So I usually try to post my thoughts on my Facebook after reading.

Replace your purpose with an object:

I love to make a New Year’s resolution to improve myself over the next months. Unfortunately, after only a few short weeks, most of them failed. By writing a reflective journal, I know it’s not realistic. So I adjust my goals to make them specific and measurable. For example, I want to speed up my writing, so I use Excel to record my word count every day.